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Shady sirens

Greedy Fingers - Shady sirens (CD Album scan)


  • Greedy Fingers


  1. Blackout 99
  2. Daydreams (Ft. Cage)
  3. Wise ass (Ft. Necro)
  4. Wise ass the return (Ft. Fabrizio)
  5. I sell rhymes like dimes (Ft. MF Doom and Megalon)
  6. Cutting progress
  7. Neva playas skit
  8. With momentum
  9. Brutal styles (Ft. Necro)
  10. True thug MC (Ft. MF Doom and Megalon)
  11. There you go
  12. Trankilo trippin
  13. Adlibs in my head (Ft. Cage)
  14. Playing with a pervert (Ft. Tony Vegas)
  15. Resurrection 2000


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