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Hommage à Sax

Belgian Saxophone Ensemble - Hommage à Sax (CD album scan)


  1. Brussels suite: From to
  2. Brussels suite: The iris blue
  3. Brussels suite: Polyphony of faces
  4. Brussels suite: Brussels maze
  5. Piece for 12 saxophones
  6. La fuga del sospiro: L'oscuro sospiro
  7. La fuga del sospiro: Il volo libero
  8. Notre-Dame
  9. Consaxations: Step Consaxation
  10. Consaxations: Triangle Consaxation
  11. Consaxations: Blue Consaxation
  12. Consaxations: Multi Consaxation
  13. Consaxations: Air Consaxation
  14. Consaxations: Catch Consaxation
  15. Consaxations: Talk Consaxation
  16. Consaxations: Fire Consaxation


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