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Family portrait

Marc Matthys, Marc Matthys - Family portrait (CD album scan)


Marc Matthys
1. Prelude & hymne
2. Waltz for 4
3. Sad waltz
4. Summer song from 'Summer Suite'
5. Pavane Antique from 'Album for King Filip'
6. The marching blues
7. Time flies
8. Waves from 'Reflections'
9. 5 plus 3
10. Willing to see
11. Cantilena from 'Contrasts'

Nathalie Matthys
12. Enrique Granados: El Fandango de Candil
13. J.S. Bach: Prelude & fuga, BWV 861 in g
14. Maurice Ravel: Ondine from 'Gaspard de la nuit'


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