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David Anne

David Anne

“Musical compositions are an expression of the relation between the inner soul of the composer and his environment”

 David Anne was born in Kortrijk, Belgium. He studied music theory, piano, violin, harmony,… at the Municipal Conservatory of Music in Kortrijk and continued his professional music education at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Ghent where he studied music theory, composition, conducting and music education.
A post-graduate study in conducting took him to the Conservatory of Poznan, Poland.

As a music educator he’s involved in the Rudolf Steiner education system (Bruges). In the summer holidays he lectures composition and chamber music.

He conducted many orchestras and choirs both in Belgium and abroad.
He’s currently the principal conductor of the professional chamber orchestra ‘The Chamber Players’ (Kortrijk). He worked with acclaimed soloists as Mikhail Bezverkhny, Hilde Coppé, Els Mondelaers, Yf Bourry and Manu Mellaerts, Werner Van Mechelen, Zeger Vandersteene, Maria de Moel, Ignace Michiels,…
As a composer he writes for a broad spectrum of musical instrumentations: symphony orchestra, wind orchestra, choir, chamber music, songs and soloworks.
He prefers composing in a plastic musical style, contemporary but accessible.

Musical projects took him and his music to many different locations: Germany, France, UK, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Latvia, USA, Abu Dhabi, Mexico, China and India.

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