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Workspacebrussels supports artistic voices in developing a sustainable practice. The organisation offers performing artists a finely tuned and flexible working framework that ranges from workspace with budget and dramaturgical guidance over production and administration to advice on all aspects of development and creation. By connecting artists with programmers, partners and audiences, workspacebrussels acts as an indispensable link in the artistic ecosystem of research, production and presentation. 

Workspacebrussels is an open and nomadic structure that thrives on numerous collaborations in the city. Structural partners free up studio space for its operations, allowing the organisation to optimise the existing infrastructure in Brussels. In addition, the organisation is strongly linked to Belgian and international training, art houses, festivals and creative places. Together they form a richly variegated network that enables broad-based support of art projects. 

The core task of workspacebrussels is to detect and stimulate new artistic ideas and practices within the broad field of the performing arts. Artistic development is the beating heart of the organisation. Within the arts landscape, workspacebrussels creates an artistic sanctuary, an open space where cross-thinking, experimentation, failure and starting over are part of the process leading to artistic creation. In that process, the organisation takes on different roles, from facilitator to bridge builder. 

Within the artistic programme, there is room for both young artistic practices and for artists who have already completed a certain path. The organisation has a keen eye for promising quality work and for innovative artistic languages and forms. This translates into an artistic profile which, in addition to dance, theatre and performance, also focuses on transdisciplinary work and artistic practices that relate more directly to the wider society. 

For a number of projects, workspacebrussels commits itself as executive producer and manager of project subsidies. In this way, the organisation presents itself as a stable home where artistic talent can develop to the full and where depth of content goes hand in hand with business commitment and fair practice. This artistic 'home' is built on openness and trust: openness to what is new, unconventional or still unknown, and trust based on dialogue, commitment and transparency. Workspacebrussels sets itself up as a dynamic learning environment where artists and collaborators mutually question and inspire each other.



We try to list as many artists and organisations that collaborated on stage performances in Flanders.

Flanders Arts Institute

Expertise centre for performing arts, music and visual arts.