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Tinka Pittoors

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The skin, as a membrane that separates us from the world.
The skin, the house, the city, the world as a membrane...

Tinka Pittoors' sculptures and objects arise out of this concept and examine the utopia of a world that can be moulded. By combining recognisable forms and materials with new ones, Pittoors tries to create a language of form all her own, engrafted onto the one we know, and is in search of a parallel sculptural reality. Whereas the materials seek to connect with reality, the form actually reacts against it. This gives rise to an ambiguous image that balances on the verge of reality. The rift between nature and culture, as well as the obsession with the skin, are the points from which the sense of this double reality is explored.
(Mieke Mels)

M HKA_cc_5min
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