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Theater Froe Froe

Froefroe creates theatre for you; kids, young adults and grown-ups. Theatre in a cross-over of puppets, figures, objects, video, actors and live music. Figure theatre played in small venues but also in huge halls, tents, on location or in special projects. For all this we work together with professional writers, composers, actors, puppeteers, musicians, technicians, stage- and costume designers. Froefroe has its own internationally renowned workshop where we, besides making our own theatre-puppets, also make things for television and colleagues, such as puppets, costumes, creatures, scene decorations or props.
 Froefroe creates impressions, plays with the minds of the spectators brings objects to life with lots of humour, horror, poetry and rock-‘n-roll. Between Little Red Ridinghood and Macbeth there’s nothing but a thin layer of latex-rubber.

Flanders Arts Institute

Expertise centre for performing arts, music and visual arts.