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The end of the intellect

The Lama Home Band - The end of the intellect (Vinyl LP album scan)


  • The Lama Home Band


  1. The monsters of Snarling (Parts I & III)
  2. Shrub with a snail's pace / Leaning hedge
  3. Your father is the discountman
  4. Phone Captain Zero
  5. Irma V. extract 1: Dinner
  6. Nothing on Antartica
  7. A terrible mess
  8. Muscular system (for Jay)
  9. Moe is den tijd heine
  10. Fuster claws
  11. Irma V. Extract 2: The field of it
  12. When I see Mauricke
  13. Irma V. Extract 3: Luikersteenweg 171
  14. Morse line fever
  15. Closing the door


Steunpunt voor beeldende kunsten, podiumkunsten en klassieke muziek.