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Walter Verdin


Walter Verdin is one of the pioneers of Flemish video art. For almost thirty years he has been working on an extensive and diverse oeuvre that challenges the borders between video, music, performance and theatre. Since 1978 Verdin has been producing video work, multimedia installations and concerts. His engagement in the videotaping of theatre performances led to the production of a number of theatre and dance videos of which Roseland (1991) with Wim Vandekeybus was the most successful.

In 1993 Verdin decided to take a break from the production of dance videos in order to concentrate on his own projects. This resulted in the installation Videolepsia (1993) and X<Afrika (1996), a video concert based on the music of the Malinke tribe from Western Africa. In 1999 Verdin started to work on the Storm trilogy, researching the interaction between video and dance, music and theatre. For his project Title Safe (2002-2007) Verdin collaborated with 27 video artists colleagues and various musicians, resulting in a triple DVD box set. In 2009 Verdin produced the multiscreen installation Sliding Time for the exhibition Rogier van der Weyden, Master of Passions at Museum M (Leuven).

Since 2005, he is a regular visitor at Maputo (Mozambique), where he leads workshops and collaborates with local musicians, video artists and dancers (e.g. Timbila Tracks with Matchume Zango and Guests with Panaibra Canda, both in 2010).

At the end of 2010 he started working on an audiovisual version of the Kunst der Fuge by J.S. Bach together with his brother Joris, who is an internationally acclaimed organist and musicologist. 

X < Afrika

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