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Philip Huyghe

The work of Philip Huyghe is run through with an urgent aura of surprise that comes from the atmosphere that emanates from familiar objects. The building bricks of an innocent existence in the world of a child - the uniform, the cat, the biscuit tin - are each and every one redeployed and transformed to remove the comfortable reassurances from our familiar world. Beneath the surface of familiar memories, the stubborn remains of an indigestible past form the basis for a visual journey in time through individuals and their possible alter egos. Philip Huyghe often takes on the role of the mother, dressed in a flowery blouse and a skirt. Huyghe shows photos, videos, installations and objects that are also examined in relation to each other. The objects act as the décor for the videos or photos. The total variety seems to push the work in several different directions that are lumped to each other as an 'outside' or 'elsewhere'.
(Wim Peeters)

Flanders Arts Institute

Expertise centre for performing arts, music and visual arts.