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Lieven De Boeck

Meter#1 La Cane

Lieven De Boeck is a Belgian artist whose work develops simultaneously on two levels. On the one hand, he makes observations about the public domain, which surrounds us and defines our daily reality as well as the context of any art practice. On the other hand, he focuses on his overall project called "the dictionary of space", which formulates concepts dealing with architectural themes like occupation, appropriation, borders, territories, representation and identity. The dictionary of space has been developed in different contexts from interventions in magazines, publications, performances, texts, drawings, models, installations, and video.

Meter#1 La Cane
Le Corbeau
Neon let us be
The White Belgian Flag
The White Flags
Billboard #1
Copy of originals
Fix the economy
I II III IV cinq
Image not found overview
Image not found overview
The World Unmade
La boîte en valise en bois
Seulement le souffleur peut souffler
The White American Flag
The White Flags
Art. No shall be subjected to torture...
In the beginning I left messages in the streets
Let Us Be Us
My Alphabet
The Danish Cartoons
The White Flag project
The White Flag project
The White Flags
The Typlogy House, closed
The Typlogy House, open
The typology house
The Seven Sins of Urbanism
Fireworks II, le Bleu du Ciel
The Archive of disappearance Musée_d'art moderne Archive of the lost Eagles
The White Flag, proposition for a new flag for EU
The White Flag, proposition for a new flag for the EU

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