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Maryam Najd

Asura's ad nauseam

Maryam Najd paints both figurative and abstract works - she refuses to choose between either. Sort of passage between reality and imagination fascinates her. In Najd's view, the optical illusion is necessary to reveal something of the deeper, emotional dimension of art. The revelation always involves the appearance and vanishing of (non-)things. The work of art can neither be found in opposites, nor in a situation of equilibrium - it is situated in sensitive-spiritual border linking in-between zone, that enable us to link body and psyche, fragments of reality and of the imagination, past and future.
(Sofie Van Loo)

Asura's ad nauseam
Mr. President
Bloody Blanket & Bloody Blank III
Bloody Blanket & Bloody Blank VII
Bloody Blanket & Bloody Blank VIII
Green Wave Heroes
Bloody Blanket & Bloody Blank
Bloody Blanket & Bloody Blank IV
Bloody Blanket & Bloody Blank X
Phantasmagoria II
Phantasmagoria III
Phantasmagoria IV
Phantasmagoria V
Phantasmagoria VI
Self portrait II
Self portrait IV
Armageddon I
Armageddon II

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