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Ria Pacquée

Expo 'Slam, Ramble, Perform

Ria Pacquée has been focusing for 25 years on her quest for fiction and reality. The streets are her searching grounds. As a viewer of (photos and videos) and participant (performances) in public life, she tries to find answers to the most elementary questions about existence. Interest in rituals, the 'madness' of religion, anonymity, wandering round towns and gathering images and sounds from them (transforming and appropriating reality by extracting details from the everyday context) also form important details in her work. Much is left to chance. An event that takes place in a certain environment will often lead to the creation of a piece that in turn leads to a completely different city and another culture.

Expo 'Slam, Ramble, Perform
Expo 'Slam, Ramble
Public Speaking Apps
Streetramblings, pumpkins and soil in need of water
While dogs bark, fish piss and birds fly, the artist blends into the scenery
Easy Steps To A Happier Life
Le mien, le tien, le sien
Cursing into the Wind
I didn't do it
Leftovers streetramblings

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