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Johan Tahon


The sculptures of Tahon are 'beings', they are forms that represent a spiritual state, the spiritual acts of people. He often works with distorted shapes while keeping the human body or a derivative thereof as the basic shape, so that he is able to share his experiences with the audience.
 Apparitions emerge from the artist's searches and thoughts that testify to another world, the world of the subconscious and the unfamiliar. The artist tries to give shape to this 'place' and to reach it, like a medium that wants to get in touch with another reality. His sculptures are immobile witnesses. When you look at one of Tahon's sculptures, it's as though you are remembering something.
 All of Tahon's works exude a sense of doubt about our singular existence. The exceptional power, with which the work confronts both the artist as well as the audience with the human condition, is the hallmark of an extraordinary artistic talent.

Faux Témoin
Grigory V
Liminal Act
Waq Waq
Art Cologne
Androgyn en Cross

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