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Lien Sergeant

Lien Sergeant - Umicore # I

TRACES are a watermark in Lien Sergeant’s photographic language.
In her pictures she reappropriates reality by cutting and recomposing it to give a new momentum to the onlookers experience.

These cuts transcend topography, creating an identifiable new commonplace, where human interference, conscious or not, plays a central role.

The overwhelming silence can be heard, it is evidenced by stressing the opposite, evoking noise and clamour.

It’s all about contrasts where no element is predominant, you are submersed in tensions where through contrasting interactions you may meet the whole. Note her strong attention to subtle details, reminding us of the slight brushstrokes characterizing pictorial fine art.

Lien Sergeant - Umicore # I
Lien Sergeant - Umicore # II
Lien Sergeant - Umicore office
Building & clouds # II
Building & tree
Bird's Nest # I
Bird's Nest # II
Building & smog
Lien Sergeant - CCTV tower Rem Koolhaas
Lien Sergeant - China world hotel
Plastic & wind
Wood & sky
Lien Sergeant - Electricity
Lien Sergeant - Building & pattern
Window & snow

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