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Bram Vreven

As a former jazz musician, Bram Vreven has been making sound installations since 1998. His installations contrast acoustic and electronic sounds in a refined way. Silence has gradually been gaining an important role in his work. A number of his installations make forceful movements,
but hardly produce any sound or no sound at all. This silent movement has become one of Vreven's leitmotivs.

Between 2004 and 2008 Vreven created a series of installations entitled vloei – flow, in which tubes filled with water and double glass sheets are set into motion, creating waves and currents which follow very specific patterns of movement, almost taking the form of choreographies. The complete vloei – flow series was presented at the Muziekgebouw aan `t IJ (Amsterdam), TodaysArt (The Hague), Art Center Buda (Kortrijk) and the Verbeke Foundation (Kemzeke).

Vreven's recent installation Rays had its first public viewing at CAC (Vilnius) and was followed by presentations in Netwerk (Aalst), Art Center Vooruit (Ghent), Galery Jos Art (Amsterdam) and Transmediale festival (Berlin). In addition to various solo exhibitions in Belgium and the Netherlands, Vreven also participated in group exhibitions at a.o. Festival van Vlaanderen (Brussels), Lille 2004 (Lille), NICC (Antwerp), De Brakke Grond and the Consortium (Amsterdam).

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