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Sofie Haesaerts

Alignment 2015

Sofie Haesaerts has been working on a series of three-dimensional works that explore the notions of sculpture. This ongoing research work deals with "sculptural composition" and ways of installing various elements in a specific space. The elements I use in these compositions are often ordinary objects, commonly found in an urban landscape or in a domestic milieu. By the unconventional use of these recycled materials, we see reality from a different perspective. These sculptural elements intersect with the various disciplines of industrial design, theatre-lighting and scenography. 
This "game" of creating differing perspectives through the uncommon use of materials and forms is the central theme of my research. It revolves around the sensory experience of the object, its perception and the relation between what it was and what it has become. The functional object transforms into an unusable object, which by its form continues to refer to its origin.
Within the changing compositions of the various elements, development through a search for composition, form, rhythm, light and shadow. These result in independent sculptures, spatial changes, site-specific installations or photographic studies that follow this evolution of the "variable or ever-changing sculpture".
Some sculptures are made from prefabricated materials. I show these ready-made forms that are industrially manufactured such as construction material or parts of furniture. Some elements are self-made. With these the "evolving sculptures" are built. These "evolving sculptures" find a new form over time; thereby time too plays a pivotal role. As a sculpture, the set-up is impermanent and the elements of the sculptural work may be re-used or recycled in another installation in either the same or a different space. A work therefore is always evolving and yet is never finished, as it has hidden within its installation an unlimited potential for  compositions.

Alignment 2015
Ararita rising in the dragonfly's dream
Will you still love him when he is blue ?
Bleu de toi
The point of no return
The bodhisattva levitated from cloud nine and crashed on Mykonos. It was like so hush hush They were so... quiet about it And then the next thing you know....
Reflections on infinite choices
Shadows of the mess we made / The Fool / L'acrobat
Things on my mind
Eka pada pranam asana – Grace has one leg to stand upon
Hey Sugar, stay alive at least as long as I do
Kali playing with Sunny and her sisters; Poornima, Mizuki, Selena, Pamuya, Mahnaz and Aysun
Pink Vertical
Siddhartha Sigmund Sandhya Sandra
What happens on Mondays - même les coiffeurs sont fermés
What happens on Mondays - même les coiffeurs sont fermés
Assembly sculpture of closet parts
Chaque jour on risqué de mourir
Respect as a religion

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