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David Evrard


David Evrard is an artist and writer (1970, BE). Since his very first collaborative work (1989) he keeps the taste of group production and experience. His practice can be seen as a permanent flux of collages, images, sculptures, books, etc. working in layers and accumulation. With no privileged material, he uses a large specter of techniques multiplied in lots of mediums, magazine, public space projects and pieces with a strange status like posters on doors, bank, hut, illustrations. One can try one's luck to say that his art is close to music as a model because of the sense of improvisation and works under different group names takes us nearby free jazz or DIY on one hand and in the other hand to a political position where critic is less in an analytic distance than in the practice. David Evrard is part of the project 'Potential Estate' and he is co-editor of YEAR magazine.

(Isabelle Lenormand et Damien Airault, Paris, 2011)

Tiphaine Calmettes on Alice Abowthe
i scream, you scream, we all scream for an ice cream
Studio Série
The Door (with Natoo)
Ghost Track
Volume (filles - roue)
Ghost Track

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