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Pascal Bernier

Born in 1960, Pascal Bernier lives and works in Brussels (Belgium). The artist describes himself as a painter who is interested in the conditions relating to the perception and production of images. His oeuvre revisits the pictorial tradition of still life and vanitas.Through installations, videos, sculptures and photos, Pascal Bernier depicts a disenchanted natural world: bandaged animals, mummified stuffed toys, dying butterflies, the industrialisation of animal breeding, disappearing species, etc. His work is poetic and critical, humourous and totemic. Art and death are intimately bound. Both disturbing and amusing, Pascal Bernier’s work raises questions about human nature. He invites us to discover a universe in which nature is revisited by man and his world. He presents to us our industrialised society, occupied with absorbing nature to make it our own, so that it meets the needs of production and profitability, and how we risk maltreating it.
 (from Wunderkammer press text)

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