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Ulrike Bolenz

Born in Germany in 1958, Ulrike Bolenz is a photographic artist who now lives in Brussels (Belgium). Her works are held in several private and public collections. She has participated in a number of European art fairs, such as Art Elysées in Paris, the Berliner Liste in Berlin and Zebra in Belgium. Ulrike Bolenz examines transparency by encasing photographed silhouettes in plexiglas. By offering them a second skin tattooed with acrylic, she reinforces the expression of the bodies and faces which burst forth from the medium to confront the viewer. Her choice to hang them, suspended, accentuates the unreal effect of her work. We are faced head-on with these imprisoned ghosts in their immaterial lives. Tangible links to reality are gone; instead, these furtive shadows attempt to establish a dialogue. We sense the temptation to reach an inaccessible goal, towards which all energy is directed. This poetic universe affects us, because during our lives we too pass from shadow to light and from light to shadow.

Flanders Arts Institute

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