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Wim Geeven

Ginez 1

The act of constructing in all its’ aspects -from blueprint to final plan and all steps in-between- fulfils a key role within Wim Geevens’ the body of work.  Fragments are illuminated, particularized and used as idiom for image. Robust construction elements are presented as vulnerable and act as a personal comment. They arise in a natural flair, are modest and evoke a complexity. The objects by Wim Geeven oscillate between sculptural and architectonic, between the defined and the indefinable; they touch upon a wide range of images without converging them. This is part of their allurement; although these objects refer to a mountain, a building, a butterfly, a skeleton or an airplane…they remain a mystery. They are ambiguous and unclear in an intriguing way. They manage to escape the natural urge we have to name and identify things.

(Ruth Loos, Antwerpen)

Ginez 1
Ginez 4
Breman's plan
uit de reeks, several way's to disorder
Breman's building
Charley's Metro
Wicked Wing
uit het magazijn
uit de reeks, Mezza Luna
Hemel in Huis

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