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Andrej Babenko


Andrej Babenko is a Belgian artist of Ukrainian descent. His work is known for its tangible expressiveness.

Babenko departs from reality and focuses on the existential and mythological. His paintings mislead the viewer. They are complex and require attention to discern their layering. Babenko shows today what can be important tomorrow.

His style is diverse: from pop art, neo-expressionism and graffiti to classical paintings and drawings. Yet these styles form one whole, just like life itself. Babenko succeeds in uniting Ukrainian folklore with Belgian conceptualism.

He experiments with questions about human existence: why does history repeat itself; How do people survive in this hectic economic reality and how is it possible that peace and privacy have become luxury? At the same time, he uses light as a metaphor for the future, for a better world without wars, epidemics and global warming.

Philippe, Oekraïense ambassade, Kris Martin en ik in SMAK
striving and pressure
Belgian Night
100 years of solitude
Eternal universal love
Corona is over
Soaring in a dance over the ordinary
Perfect for you

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