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Inscribed in the Brussels contemporary arts landscape for fifty years in 2020/21, ISELP is a discursive platform, an art and research center whose purpose is to think and give thought to emerging contemporary art. It is conceived as an alternative and experimental space which brings together a plurality of voices, languages ​​and media by making them coexist and exchange. Its programme is as prospective, discursive, as it is open to different fields of knowledge and artistic forms: history of art, human sciences and hard sciences, literature, photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, video, film, installation, etc. To achieve this, ISELP uses multiple formats and spaces: documentation center, blogs, performance conferences, initiation cycles, round tables, debates, readings, workshops, excursions, exhibitions, publications, residences, workshops, etc. This diversity of approaches and activities is its strength and its singularity.

Flanders Arts Institute

Expertise centre for performing arts, music and visual arts.