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GLEAN is a Brussels-based contemporary art magazine. In the summer of 2023, the magazine changed its name. HART magazine, founded by Marc Ruyters in 2006, became GLEAN.

In January 2006, journalist and founder Marc Ruyters held aloft the first edition of HART. His ambition was to make an accessible, high-quality and alert magazine about contemporary art in Belgium and abroad. HART magazine was a bit cross from the start. Published like a newspaper, on beautiful paper, designed by Kim Beirnaert, with the portrait of an artist by photographer Jean-Pierre Stoop on the cover each time. A formula that guaranteed the magazine's recognisability for 13 years.

In January 2018, Ruyters passed the torch as editor-in-chief to the duo Anne-Marie Poels and Sam Steverlynck. A year later, Kathleen Weyts took over as managing editor. The appointment of the new trio heralded a new era for the magazine. HART made more room for text and image contributions by artists, and henceforth focused on (art) books, the relationship between art and economy and art and policy, and crossovers with other disciplines such as architecture, performing arts, music, design and fashion. The tabloid became a magazine, designed by Vrints-Kolsteren, the artist portrait on the cover was replaced by a striking quote from a text or conversation with an artist.

Since September 2022, Andreas Depauw and Philip Marnef have continued the design of the magazine. Inspired by Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawings and the surrealists' cadavre exquis, the duo came up with an entirely new concept for the cover. Each month, HART invites an artist to draw up a set of instructions; the magazine's designers then implement them as they see fit.

From September 2023, HART magazine will continue its operation as GLEAN. The magazine will continue with a bilingual operation. Four times a year, GLEAN will be published in English, and six times a year in Dutch.

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