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Ricercar Consort

Ricercar Consort

Ricercar, to seek, has been the underlying motto of the Ricercar Consort ever since its foundation.


It was in 1985, with J. S. Bach’s Musical Offering, that the ensemble made its first concert tour, having already acquired a solid international reputation with its recordings, notably in German Baroque cantatas and instrumental music.

Today, under the direction of Philippe Pierlot, the Ricercar Consort continues to explore the Baroque repertoire, from chamber music to opera and oratorio, and to enthral music-lovers with performances that are both profound and rigorous.

To mention some recordings of the ensemble for Mirare Productions, Bach’s Magnificat, Christmas Cantatas and Musical Offering, Italian Consort Music for Viols and soprano, Pergolesi Stabat mater, Membra Jesu Nostri (Buxtehude)

Discography (selection)

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