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Lost tracks

Ferre Grignard - Lost tracks [CD Scan]

Compilatie met veelal onuitgegeven tracks van Ferre Grignard. De cd hoort bij het boek 'Captain Disaster; Leven & lijden van Ferre Grignard' (Van Nijgh & Ditmar 2002, ISBN 90-388-5922-8.


  • Ferre Grignard


  1. Intro Ferre
  2. Ring, ring, I have to sing
  3. Maureen
  4. In the evening (when the sun goes down)
  5. Washington
  6. Mornin' star
  7. Alabamy bound (Live)
  8. Drunken sailor (Live)
  9. Cyrham Blues
  10. I'm falling down
  11. Yama hey
  12. I warned you
  13. When I'm gone
  14. The first of the sick animals (on my dying bed)
  15. Ring, ring, I've got to sing (Live)
  16. God bless you


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