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We are still PERPLX vzw (or PERPLX colloquially).Although we still have a small festival – VITRINE PERPLX – we are actually a circus workshop in terms of core business.
In brief:

PERPLX is one of the circus workshops in Flanders and is structurally supported by the Flemish Government. A Flemish circus workshop has an important support and stimulation mission with the core tasks of creation, production, presentation, development and participation.

Support at PERPLX ranges from financial support (co-production, financial advice, etc.) to residencies (studio, accommodation, etc.) and artistic advice. This applies to both Flemish and international artists who are at the start of their career (not age-related).

Every year, PERPLX organizes several VITRINES PERPLX and/or SOIREES PERPLX where both young and more established circus work is shown.

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We try to list as many artists and organisations that collaborated on stage performances in Flanders.

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