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Erki De Vries


Erki De Vries seeks to push the limits of our spatial experience. Via installations and interventions, rooms and exhibition spaces are taken over, mapped and mentally expanded. As a result, the visitor takes a major role, making the installation a never-ending work-in-progress. An example of De Vries' early work, in which he was primarily occupied with involving the visitor, is Maelstrom (1999). It is an installation in which the visitor can witness the development of a vortex in a bath tub the moment he steps into the room. De Vries' more recent work experiments with pushing our experience of space. An example is City Lights (2005), a series for which he collaborated with Tim Vets. It is an installation in which three computer driven TL-lamps move through space in a seemingly mathematical choreography.

City Lights V


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