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Peter De Meyer

covers, Peter De Meyer, 2015

Peter De Meyer is a close observer of his environment and investigates the complex process of observation and perception by means of shifts in context and content.
A large part of his work starts from the idea that objects, ideas and situations evoke a range of associations, both in the individual and in the collective memory. Through subtle interventions and creations, De Meyer cuts across any predisposed expectations.  De Meyer’s work has affinities with conceptual art but preserves a narrative structure. This is for example the case when he reflects on the invisible and prevailing codes and systems peculiar to the art world. Without sparing his audience, patrons or himself, the artist approaches the functioning of art galleries, the speculative character of the art market, the artwork itself and even his position as an artist, in a subversive way.

covers, Peter De Meyer, 2015
te koop, Peter De Meyer, 2015
the road, Peter De Meyer, 2015  (collectie S.M.A.K., Gent)
coda, Peter De Meyer, 2014 (Caldic Collectie, Wassenaar, Nederland)
cross-reference, Peter De Meyer, 2014
(c) S.M.A.K.
Untitled (open)
Untitled (triptych)
Peter De Meyer, Down, 2008

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