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Kendell Geers

Mene Mene (WriteRiteRiotRot) IX

Kendell Geers creates raw, confrontational art whose aim is to shake audiences out of their lethargy by questioning certainties. The work of Geers cannot be reduced to political art, even if he points in his frightening and depressing universe to the apartheid regime that ruled his country for decades. His work is typified by a strong visual language and the use of charged objects such as barbed wire, explosives, glass shards, body bags, searchlights. Themes such as discrimination, political suppression, social inequality, sex, violence, post-colonialism etc. are raised. Geers is an art terrorist who wants to undermine the notion of the gallery as a safe haven. For group exhibitions therefore he installed a large high voltage electrified fence and in Glasgow he blew up one of the museum walls. Through his work, spectators have a physical experience of violence.

Mene Mene (WriteRiteRiotRot) IX
In advance of a broken arm
Master Mistress of my Passion (VI)
Mutus Liber 50
A rose by any other name
FuckFace (Kendell Geers)
Kannibale (I.N.R.I)26
Numb Skull
The Time of the Harvest
The treason of Images (WTC1)
T.W.Batons (Pentagram)
Bloody Hell (version 2)

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