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Aernoudt Jacobs

Photo: Laure-Anne Jacobs

After releasing his sound work under several aliases (MarkMancha, missfit, tmrx), Arnaud Jacobs has been making installations and performances under the name of Aernoudt Jacobs since 2004.
In these works Jacobs seeks to investigate the correlations between sound, matter, space/location,
perception and psychoacoustics. With the aid of psychoacoustic theories, Aernoudt explores how
perception can be influenced and how sound can be expressed physically, spatially and emotionally. As an artist Jacobs has been making field recordings which he examines meticulously, including the act of the recording, the memory and the context of the recording. With this, Jacobs considers how to carry the footage over to new forms and contexts. The output of his work hovers between micro and macro, inside and outside, fieldwork and studio, reality and fictionalization. Jacobs' work has been exhibited internationally.

Photo: Laure-Anne Jacobs
Photo: Laure-Anne Jacobs
Photo: Laure-Anne Jacobs
Photo: Roman Maerz
Photo: Salvatore Panaterri
Glass Vibration two: Gaze
Leslie History
Phantom Melodies, image Laure-Anne Jacobs
Phantom Melodies, copyright: Netwerk/ Centrum voor hedendaagse kunst
Playground G
Difficulté de comprendre dans le bruit
Practically totally real, but not

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