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Pieterjan Ginckels

Human Disco Ball

Pieterjan Ginckels is one of the youngest generation of artists whose work goes
 beyond any limit set by a medium and acts consistently at a level of communication
 that is physically tangible. That the choice of medium is not based on theory, but
 rather lies in subjective and rather banal reasons, is a theme addressed humorously
 by Ginckels in the 2005 work "why I don't like to paint" where he lists these reasons on
 a canvas. While Walter Benjamin speaks about the loss of aura in relation to the
 emergence of a photograph, so the response to a digitally-permeated world lies in
 the rendering visible of the traces left behind by human use on the surfaces of
 everyday objects. The borderlines between performance, installation and concept
 art are dissolved so as to unfold an artistic idea and communicate it in an
 environment that can be really experienced.

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