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Founded in 1990, croxhapox is a non-commercial platform for contemporary art in Ghent. Now that it's no longer confined to permanent location, it makes good use of its possibilities as a 'wandering' platform. As an organiser and curator, croxhapox looks for alternative ways of displaying art, in collaboration with individual, public, cultural and non-cultural partners. Public space is also a part of this nomadic trajectory. croxhapox maintains its original DNA of artistic laboratory: it hosts experimental art projects with artists directly involved. croxhapox wants to be a form for exchange and development of artistisc practices and networks. During these interactions, it alswo wants to investigate its institutional and concent position as an art institute in Ghent, and redefine it with regards to the precarious situation of the artists as well as croxhapox's own status as an artist-run art organisation. 

Project spaces

Project spaces often are started by artists who make use of infrastructure for artistic projects.

Flanders Arts Institute

Expertise centre for performing arts, music and visual arts.