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Provinciaal Cultuurhuis De Warande

Provincial Culture House de Warande is a presentation and production location for performing arts and visual arts. De Warande offers a wide programme of performances, concerts, exhibitions and various other projects. It also has an extensive residency programme that is primarily aimed at supporting young makers.

The heart of the Warande's residential activities is the Houten Zaal. This rehearsal room with daylight and a floating dance floor measures twelve by ten meters. De Warande mainly invites young artists and artists who often create their own work without or with a project subsidy. There is extra attention for artists from the region. The Houten Zaal is made available free of charge for a period of one to four weeks. Technical support is available. Following a residency period, artists can organize a try-out or presentation of the creation in-house.

In addition to the Houten Zaal, which is reserved as a rehearsal space, during leisurely periods (e.g. school holidays), De Warande is happy to make the two Kuub and Schouwburg stage halls available to artists who come into residence (often without technical support).

With the Artist in Residence programme, de Warande supports a young artist from Turnhout or the region for an entire season. An annual programme is compiled together with this artist or artist. This programme includes both creation and presentation. In the past, musicians, theater makers and visual artists were Artist in Residence in de Warande.

De Warande is also part of a network of organisations that wants to start up a new, multidisciplinary residency programme in the region. The core of this residency programme is networking and collaboration, both within and outside the cultural sector, by both artistic and non-artistic organisations.

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We try to list as many artists and organisations that collaborated on stage performances in Flanders.

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