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Kunstenwerkplaats vzw (KWP) is an experimentation space and development platform for artistic research, in the lap of two community centres, Pianofabriek and Elzenhof, in a network of 22 Brussels GCs.

KWP creates a microcosm where international and local meet and new aesthetics and ideas intersect. We are committed to supporting performing artists who are pushing the boundaries of their discipline. Our focus is on artists who do not yet have a clear discipline, status, place in the field or structure. 

KWP focuses on development with professionally supervised residencies and the necessary production support for initial research and new creations. We develop a multi-year customised trajectory support for 10 to 15 artists/collectives: from the first artistic conversation and the introductory residency, to (non-result oriented) research and the realisation of the first productions, to organising the flow to larger houses and setting up their own structures.


We try to list as many artists and organisations that collaborated on stage performances in Flanders.

Flanders Arts Institute

Expertise centre for performing arts, music and visual arts.