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M Leuven

Museum Leuven

M is notable for its mix of classical and contemporary art in the historic centre of Leuven. Top architect Stéphane Beel designed the sleek museum complex around the old Vander Kelen-Mertens municipal museum. The museum is also an ideal meeting place for young and old, complete with a central courtyard and a roof terrace offering spectacular views across the Leuven skyline. Add to all this the M-Treasury of Saint Peter’s, and a visit to M is always an unforgettable experience.

The collection of more than 52,500 objects is the beating heart of M. In addition to artistic production in Leuven and Brabant from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, there is also a central focus on post-1945 Belgian art. Time and again, you will discover the art of art collecting. From medieval sculpture and glittering silver to masterpieces by Dirk Bouts, Jef Lambeaux, Constantin Meunier and Rogier Van der Weyden. The temporary exhibitions will also introduce you to lesser-known pieces in the collection.

In addition to the contemporary visual arts, such as photography, video, painting and sculpture, you can also discover performance, dance and architecture. Each discipline is given space at M and this means that there is always something different and exciting going on. Moreover, as a creative hotspot, the museum seeks encounter and exchange: with visitors, companies, artists, researchers, etc. 


We try to list as many artists and organisations that collaborated on stage performances in Flanders.

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