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C-TAKT is a platform for transdisciplinary arts and a reference house for transdisciplinary talent. This relatively young workshop grew out of the need for a place where 'hybrid practices' and transdisciplinary artists could develop in peace. C-TAKT received operating funds from the Arts Decree in 2017. The focus then was on new makers and artists making transdisciplinary work. The project was a joint effort by the C-mine workshop in Genk and TAKT Dommelhof in Pelt. The C-mine workshop focused mainly on new makers, while TAKT Dommelhof concentrated on transdisciplinary work. Dommelhof was used as a residential workplace and C-mine was rather the stage for our presentations.

Today, C-TAKT's focus is firmly on the transdisciplinary arts. Today, more and more artists are seeking out the boundaries of artistic disciplines and are pushing these to new heights or even transcending them. This creates new ways of expressing oneself that cannot easily be categorised within a particular discipline. By supporting these artists, C-TAKT aims to provide opportunities for the development and realisation of transdisciplinary projects.

More and more artists are creating work in which it is essential to pass through various intermediate stages or work on a theme in a cycle that runs over several years. The final product is often preceded by a long process of preliminary research. Artists need this in order to give shape to their ideas and immerse themselves in their 'hybrid' practice. C-TAKT chooses to support artists and productions also in their research and development phase.

C-TAKT is based at Dommelhof Provincial Domain, which was once the first Flemish cultural centre and has evolved over the past 50 years into an organisation with a distinct artistic profile of innovation, individuality and quality. C-TAKT acts as a research and creation platform within a wider network of partners.


C-TAKT resolutely chooses artists who leave the beaten track. C-TAKT believes that an arts landscape with equal opportunities for participation for all citizens needs creative innovation and an out of the box strategy. Believing that hybrid and process-based art practices, cross-sectoral creation and transversal presentation generate new audiences and thus broaden cultural participation, C-TAKT gives transdisciplinary arts maximum opportunity.

For decades, we have seen very constant cultural participation figures in Flanders. We can predict fairly well who goes to the theatre and to concerts and who barely participates in what is on offer. Variables that are decisive in predicting cultural participation are cultural capital, social capital and cultural participation history (e.g. parents). Despite considerable and sustained efforts to broaden the cultural audience, we see that the audience composition in the cultural houses remains more or less the same.

Building on the observation that cultural participation in Flanders shows a very stable and predictable inequality, C-TAKT opts for art that tries to break fixed patterns and involve a wider audience.


C-TAKT is the reference house for transdisciplinary art where development, creation and presentation receive maximum support. Organised as a platform, we join forces with numerous partners to broaden the cultural audience through innovative processes and projects. C-TAKT expresses this mission in five strategic objectives.

C-TAKT wants to help further develop the transdisciplinary arts as a 'discipline' and to highlight its importance and potential within the arts field and society.

C-TAKT puts the artist in the centre and offers tailor-made support for the development and production of transdisciplinary arts.

C-TAKT wants to generate impact by showing transdisciplinary arts to an audience in various presentation formats.

C-TAKT is a Flemish and international platform for meeting and connecting.

C-TAKT strives to be a healthy and transparent arts organisation that artists and partners rely on.

Photo: Pedro Morato Gaboa


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