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K.A.K. (short for Koekelbergse Alliance van Knutselaars) is a loosely connected alliance of hobbyists, theater makers, thinkers and other tinkers. K.A.K. organises its own marginal working conditions and creates a common platform for dialogue with each other and with the other.

K.A.K. sessions were created in 2013 and 2014 as a platform where a group of players and makers from Brussels showed their rough and unpolished work to each other and to an audience. They were looking for a way to tell how and where they were, without means or pressure of performance, but out of enjoyment and necessity. The sessions were a cross-pollination between the different participants, who played a number of moments in succession on an afternoon and evening in changing combinations and formations.


We try to list as many artists and organisations that collaborated on stage performances in Flanders.

Flanders Arts Institute

Expertise centre for performing arts, music and visual arts.