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Kris Verdonck

ISOS, Kris Verdonck, 2015

Check the information about A Two Dogs Company for more information about the work of Kris as choreographer.

Kris Verdonck (born 1974) studied visual arts, architecture and theatre and this training is evident in his work. His creations are positioned in the transit zone between visual arts and theatre, between installation and performance, between dance and architecture. As a theatre maker and visual artist, he can look back over a wide variety of projects. 

He directed theatre productions and produced various installations, a.o. '5' (2003), 'Catching Whales Is Easy' (2004), 'II' (2005). The first 'STILLS', consisting of gigantic projections, were commissioned by La Notte Bianca in Rome. In 2007 he created the theatrical installation 'I/II/III/IIII', while in 2008 'END' premièred at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels. 

Verdonck often presents combinations of different installations/performances as 'VARIATIONS'. 
 'VARIATION IV' was shown during the Festival d’Avignon in 2008. In 2010 Kris Verdonck finished the ‘circuit performance’ 'ACTOR #1' which shows three variations on the theme from chaos to order. 'K, a Society', a circuit of installations inspired by the work of Franz Kafka premièred at Theater der Welt 2010 in Germany. In 2011 Verdonck presented two research projects: 'TALK' sets out to explore language, while 'EXIT', created with Alix Eynaudi, aims to tackle theatre as a medium. In the same 
 year, his first solo exhibition was held at House for contemporary art Z33 together with a new work: 
 'EXOTE'. In 2012 Verdonck created 'M, a Reflection': a theatre production with texts by Heiner Müller 
 with actor Johan Leysen and his digital double on stage. 'H, an Incident', a musical theatre performance for big stage, based on the life and work of Daniil Harms, premièred in 2013 during the Kunstenfestivaldesarts. 

'UNTITLED' (2014), a solo creation for the Spanish dancer and performer Marc Iglesias, explores the phenomenon of the liberated figure, the performer who is thrown into theatre in a limited way as if by a mechanical construction. 'ISOS', a 3D video-installation based on the world and characters from the apocalyptic science-fiction novels of J.G. Ballard, was presented in his workspace in Brussels last September 2015. Currently, Verdonck is working on 'IN VOID', an exhibition / performance about human absence, which will première this February 2016 in Kaaistudio’s.

ISOS, Kris Verdonck, 2015
Untitled, Kris Verdonck, 2014
Photo: S. Magnone


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