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Alexis Destoop

Through multilayered constructions in photography, installation and film, Alexis Destoop’s work explores the workings of the image and narrative, the experience of time, and the processes of identification and memory. His practice originates from photography but has been influenced by his experience in the performing arts as well as his studies in art history and philosophy.  

Referencing classical representations of the human figure, his earlier works focus on duration and performativity. More recently, landscape has become his primary subject matter, which he treats with all its stratified meanings and histories. 

Destoop is particularly interested in the artificiality of landscape: rather than treating it as a sublime natural object, he approaches it as a thoroughly human construct. This explains the decision to explore and investigate contentious zones where global and local processes and interests collide and intertwine, and where it becomes possible to rethink notions of center and periphery, self and other. 

Blending fact and fiction, history and speculation, Destoop offers a fragmented, subjective cartography of the transitory states that constitute our present era.


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