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Suzanna Andler


30 Sep 1999MontyAntwerpen, Belgium
01 Oct 1999MontyAntwerpen, Belgium
02 Oct 1999MontyAntwerpen, Belgium
05 Oct 1999De Brakke GrondAmsterdam, Netherlands
06 Oct 1999De Brakke GrondAmsterdam, Netherlands
08 Oct 1999Theater Bis's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
09 Oct 1999Grand Theatre GroningenGroningen, Netherlands
12 Oct 1999Vooruit - DomzaalGent, Belgium
13 Oct 1999Vooruit - DomzaalGent, Belgium
14 Oct 1999De VorstTilburg, Netherlands
19 Oct 1999AkademietheaterUtrecht, Netherlands
20 Oct 1999AkademietheaterUtrecht, Netherlands
22 Oct 1999ArenatheaterKortrijk, Belgium
23 Oct 1999NetwerkAalst, Belgium
27 Oct 1999CC De VelinxTongeren, Belgium
29 Oct 1999Lantaren/VensterRotterdam, Netherlands
30 Oct 1999Lantaren/VensterRotterdam, Netherlands
11 Nov 1999Theater TeaterMechelen, Belgium
12 Nov 1999theaterMalpertuisTielt, Belgium
13 Nov 1999De WerfBrugge, Belgium

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