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In 2006 both artists initiated A.I.R (short for 'artist in residence'), a long-term collaborative practice that examines the dynamic relation between art, architecture and economy. The practice encapsulates different projects, in which they render architecture as a space of constructs for the projection of consumer desires.

This ongoing project defines their private habitat as an artwork, transforming the domestic space into a public realm. Working reflexively, the artists use their own home, a loft apartment in a post- industrial building in Brussels, as source material, producing representations of their domestic space through what they term “mediated extensions”. Different audiences will not experience the house/art work physically but through translations to formats such as lectures, exhibitions, radio/tv, websites, etc.

A series of elaborate research-based video works are among the outputs of this collaborative practice. The first major video project was The Good Life (2009), a meditation on the inextricable relationship between art, real estate, art institutions and the wider structure of the economy, harnessed today by the 'creative class'.  In The Residence (2012), which the artists conceived during a 6-month residency in China, they focus on the artist as entrepreneur in a globalized society that qualifies economy as the only measure of things.

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