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Geert Wachtelaer

Antonioni on glass

Experimental films by Geert Wachtelaer are mostly focused on forming and researching of layered inner sates, forces that may build up different tensions between the subjects.

Visual identity given to the strong and deep interpretations of the performers creates a cohesion with the sound that is a very important part of it.

Observing transition of states and forms, exploring the relationships of matter and the inner content, in his films, Geert Wachtelaer often refers to the human conciousness and its paths, showing a "life" outside of contexts familiar to us, also visually portraying the alienation and the dark, even disturbing, from a psychologically more difficult points of view.

There is always a reaction represented by persons, making it realistic in relation for the viewer, which is only a part of the appearance, but the substance rather stays covert behind the streaming of movements and ambiences that offer, through an unusual way, the key of the hidden.

(Daniela Ratkajec, visual artist Zagreb and member of Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU) Croatia).

'Geert Wachtelaers work investigates the human condition and touches on ideas of reality and existence, with a particular emphasis on the emotive space. Recurrent themes include: space, confrontations, the theatrical, the concept of the boundary as well as the interplay between presence and absence. Essentially, the works explore the inner deep that we all feel as human beings at some point in our lives. The work often draws the viewer into an uncertain world where truth and imagination come into conflict whilst simultaneously referencing the theatrical and in some cases. Ordinary things are raised into an alienated world.'" August 10, 2012

(Berta Sichel, Director of Berta Sichel Curatorial/ Editorial. Curator at Large Museo Reina Sofia, Berta Sichel Curatorial and Editorial Projects.)

Antonioni on glass
Summer with Monika
The matter
The meltdown of Cinema
A way of telling
Waiting for Freud
Black noise white noise
Finding beauty
Summoning stones
Private city

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