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Elien Ronse

Why not IV

Centrally in the work from Elien Ronse (°Belgium, 1987) is the object in its domestic surrounding. Commodities often reveal the homogenising effects within private sphere formed by the consumerist and individualistic context we live in. Ronse collects observations while visiting different homes in order to document the continual contradiction between the intimate versus ordinary existence of things. The act of sharing a drink in the kitchen and seeing a bedroom explores disclosure that is not accessible in public space. A house holds the most intimate aspects of a person’s life, while at the same time is filled with commonly available things. In a systematic way Ronse observes domestic life, the gathered documents are reused to emphasise the beautiful as well ridicule structures that mostly seem invisible caused by their permanent presence. While applying rules to organise her own life, she as well enlarges the absurdity of mundane systems. Ronse uses the documents to make installations, games, audio- and videowork

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Steunpunt voor beeldende kunsten, podiumkunsten en klassieke muziek.