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Purcell Henry - How pleasent 'tis to Love!

Scherzi Musicali, Henry Purcell, Nicolas Achten, Reinoud van Mechelen - Purcell Henry - How pleasent 'tis to Love! (CD album scan)


  • Henry Purcell


Sound the Trumpet
Ah' How pleasan 'tis to Love!
O Solitude!
Almand in d
Still I'm whishing
Seek nog to know
Corant & Hornpipe in d
Musick for a While
Sweeter than Roses
A new Ground in e
'Tis Nature's Voice
From Rosie Bow'rs
Hornpipe in e
They tell us that you mighty Powers above
Ah! how happy are we
The plaint: O let me Weep!
A ground in d
Roundo in d
Strike the Viol, touch the Lute
Prelude in a
In vain the am'rous Flute
An Evening Hymn


Steunpunt voor beeldende kunsten, podiumkunsten en klassieke muziek.